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Glitter Holly Berry Ornament

It's fun to put a little glitter into holiday decorating and it's easy with my glitter holly berry ornament. These festive ornaments take only minutes to make and can be added to gifts for toppers, stung on a ribbon for a garland and used as place cards at your holiday feast!

Click through to make a glitter holly berry ornament for holiday decorating | #holly #ornaments #Christmas


Click through to make a glitter holly berry ornament for holiday decorating | #holly #ornaments #Christmas

Glitter Holly Berry Ornament Materials

  • Clear ornament from the dollar store
  • Glitter It! Glue
  • Red Glitter
  • Dark green felt (sparkle if possible)
  • Scissors
  • Paper cup 

Click through to make a glitter holly berry ornament for holiday decorating | #holly #ornaments #Christmas

Glitter Holly Berry Ornament Instructions

Start by creating a crafting station with some old news paper so you can reuse your glitter when you tap out the excess from your ornament.

Next, take the top off of your ornament and pour in a little of the liquid glue. This glue has the consistency of water and is very easy to work with.

Now, swirl the glue around the ornament thoroughly and place the ornament top down in the paper cup to let it drain.

Next, pout in your glitter and start rolling the ornament in your hand to cover all the ornament surfaces.

Let your ornament dry with the top off. 

While letting your ornament dry, cut your holly leaves from the sparkly felt.

I used the top of the ornament to draw a circle on the felt and then cut my leaves around the circle with about 1/8" left on the circle to place over the top of the ornament.

When your ornament is dry, place your holly over the ornament top and place the metal top back on as well.

Add a hook or string to hang your ornament on your tree and enjoy! 

Click through to make a glitter holly berry ornament for holiday decorating | #holly #ornaments #Christmas

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