21 Best Organic Methods To Promote A Blog Post

21 Best Organic Methods To Promote A Blog Post

Now that the blog post is in the can, it's time to share it with the world! Here are my 21 best organic methods to promote a blog post.

In addition to selecting relevant keywords for my audiences' searches, I work to share and promote my blog posts in a variety of ways for the best reach.

The only expenses you'll find in my ideas for organic blog post promotion below is the time it takes to get the word out and perhaps sign up for a web app account.

Platform Exposure

Spend a little time finding platforms where your audience may linger.

The best tool I've found is Tailwind Communities. Tailwind Communities is a group of bloggers who help share each others content. 

This is always seasonal content that Pinterest users are looking for.

I can easily amplify the targeted content that I'm looking for during the holidays - festive tablescapes, pretty wreaths and easy DIY stocking stuffers - by pinning BOTH Tailwind Communities pins AND clicking one more time and finding at least 5X up to 20X more content.

Sign up for and post to niche content platforms such as FoodGawker and CraftGawker.

Care to Mingle?

Let’s connect over social media. Follow the fun on Pinterest and Instagram. Tag #satsumasmiles to share your creativity and I'll share back. 

Social Media Reach

Share your new blog content daily to your Facebook business page.

Post to your Instagram feed and sign up for Link Tree which turns your Insta profile link into a clickable resource for your audience.

Use short form video format Instagram Reels and TikTok to turn your static content into dynamic, fun, and informative hits!

Optimize photos on your blog posts to work well on Pinterest. Use a template of 1000 pixels x 1500 pixels in a tools such as PicMonkey or Canva to create great looking images.

Post these images to Pinterest and Tailwind Communities as mentioned above.

Film short and long form video to post to YouTube and start growing your subscription base on this amazingly viral platform.

Blogger Communities

Set a daily goal of posting blog content to Link Parties that you can find in your niche through search.

These great blogger communities are a very supportive place to share your own and others home, lifestyle and parenting content.

Reach out to relevant bloggers for link swaps.

Start a spreadsheet of link-minded bloggers and reach out for round-ups and other co-marketing opportunities.

Sign up for Google Alerts notifications to be alerted when someone posts about your topic. Visit, read and comment on the new content and include a link to your relevant blog post.

Business Profile Reach

Make your content a loud part of who you are as a brand.

Include links to your blog in every social platform profile you have.

Use the LinkedIn professional social platform to connect with peers in your industry. Share a variety of content from your own blog and other sources.

Website Distribution

Optimize one of your best assets by making it easy to share your blog posts on your website.

Add social share icons to each post through web design.

Create an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. 

Most website hosting companies have a tool to create your RSS feed.

Include your most highly trafficked blog post links in new posts to optimize reach.

Link to related articles with your blog or to external sources in each post.

Old School Promotion

Include our new blog post content in your weekly emails to followers. 

Create a lead magnet or digital asset to grow your email list. Include this email newsletter sign-up link and asset delivery in each new blog post.

Wrap Up

You know how great it feels to be appreciated for the hard work we are all doing.

Work on paying it forward and it will come back to you mightily.

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