Lavender Sugar Cube Sachets

The Qing dynasty of 17th century China used sachets as tokens of love. How lovely to continue this tradition of filling soft pockets with aromatic flowers and herbs for Mother's Day. 

I'm sharing these unique lavender sugar cube sachets to treat a special gal with something sweet!

I've made literally hundreds of sachets in my crafting life and absolutely love opening my dresser drawers to sweet scents.

I've also taken to popping scented soaps into my sock drawer to keep them smelling great.

lavender sugar cube sachets

And the lucky recipient of some of those many sachets? Mom, of course!

I wanted to come up with a unique sachet design that couples two of Mom's favorites - sweet smelling sachets and tea time.

My lavender sugar cube sachet project is an easy and sweet way to show Mom you love her this Mother's Day with a hand-crafted gift.

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lavender sugar cube sachets

Lavender Sugar Cube Sachets Materials

  • Scrap fabric - I used an old white curtain (white ) and an upholstery swatch (tan) to make both white sugar cube sachets and raw sugar cube sachets
  • Lavender or other scented sachet filler
  • Rice
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Iron
  • Aluminum foil or funnel to fill your sugar cube sachet with lavender and rice

lavender sugar cube sachets

How To Make Lavender Sugar Cube Sachets

Start out by cutting your pieces of fabric into three pieces. You need:

  • 2 small squares approximately 2"x2"
  • 1 2" wide strip about 9" long

Heat up your iron to a temperature appropriate for the fabric and press your fabric to release any wrinkles.

Turn on your sewing machine or thread your needle and start sewing one of the squares to one end of your fabric strip. Place right sides of the fabric together.

When you come to a corner, hold the two pieces of fabric in place with by placing your needle in each side and turn the fabric 90 degrees. You should now be sewing down the second side of your square and two more inches of your fabric strip.

Repeat the turns two more times until you have each side of your square attached to your strip.

Now, sew on the second square.

Turn your cube right side out.

You'll likely have about an inch of excess fabric from your strip. 

Turn your open end fabric into the cube and press to create a seam that you will sew shut after you fill your cube.

Now, take your aluminum foil or funnel and fill your cubes with rice and lavender. A 3:1 ratio is generally a nice combination which makes your sugar cube sachet fragrant, but not overwhelming.

When your cube is full, close your open seam with your sewing machine or needle and thread.

That's it! Ask Mom whether she prefers one lump or two. Enjoy!

lavender sugar cube sachets




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