St. Patrick's Day Charm Bracelets

St. Patrick's Day Charm Bracelets

My St. Patrick's Day charm bracelets are just the thing to keep little pinchers at bay! Not only am I excited to share these sweet little crafts with you, but I'm introducing my Fisherman's Knot bracelet video tutorial. The Fisherman's Knot is a total win for creating adjustable fashion jewelry for you and the kiddos. 

I'm sure you know that type of adjustable soft cord or ribbon bracelet or necklace. To create your own Fisherman's Knot, you'll simply tie two knots around alternating cords. Check out my video below for the full tutorial and how to tie your own Fisherman's Knot bracelet.

Start by learning to tie the knots and then have fun creating all kinds of charms. Try my St. Patrick's Day charms seen here using Crayola Air-Dry Clay 

Here's what you need for your St. Patrick's Day Charm Bracelets

    • Air-Dry Clay
    • Acrylic paint
    • Paint brush
    • Rolling pin of some kind (optional)
    • Toothpick
    • Cording or thin ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Satsuma Art Mat 

Here's what you'll do to make your St. Patrick's Day Charm Bracelets

Start by setting up your craft station using one of our Satsuma art and splat mats.

Open your air-dry clay and start shaping your charms. Try a shamrock, horseshoe, disc to decorate. 

Poke your toothpick through the charms to make a hole large enough to accomodate your cord or thread.

Let your charms dry overnight.

Paint your charms and let dry. When completely dry, string your charms onto your cord or ribbon and use my video tutorial below to tie your Fisherman's Knot charm bracelet.

I would love to see your creations. Tag #satsumasmiles on Instagram and we'll share the love. And we'd love to see you on our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages – thanks!


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diy st. patrick's day charm bracelets


diy st. patrick's day charm bracelets


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