Holiday Plaid Gift Tags | Printables

Holiday Plaid Gift Tags | Printables

I know that a pastel Madras print is the perfect spring and summer pattern, but plaid screams HOLIDAY season to me. I love any plaid and the Scottish tradition of clan plaids to denote families. My holiday plaid gift tags are a bow to these traditions.

I cannot lay claim to Scottish heritage, but I'm a devotee through and through! This holiday, I created some of my own plaids in updated colors to share with friends and family. I hope you'll enjoy printing, snipping and wrapping up your holiday gifts with these holiday plaid gift tags.

plaid gift tags printables | #gifts #printable 

DIY Holiday Plaid Gift Tags

To make your own holiday plaid gift tags to top gifts, add to hostess gifts and to say Thanks! simply print the PDF file below on white card stock. I use 80 lb. card stock, but 65 lb. card stock works just as well and is a bit less expensive.

I find myself hoarding my card stock when the kids come into my office for paper. Why am I such a grinch?! I'm working on it.

For the round gift tags, I used my favorite XL 2" diameter paper punch from Fiskars to pop out the tags. Note that this paper punch recommends 65 lb. paper, but I've used it on 80 lb. as mentioned above and heavier. It's all in the hand of the crafter, right?! 

plaid gift tags printables | #gifts #printable

Plaid Gift Tag Toppers

Depending on the size of ribbon you'd like to thread through your gift tags, use either a standard hole punch or a smaller rectangular or 1/8" hole punch if using baker's twine or other lightweight thread.

Have fun adding bobbles like pom poms, bows and bells to your plaid gift tags. 



Thanksgiving Plaid Gift Tags

To use, simply open the PDF file below, print on 65 or 80 lb. white card stock and cut out your gift tags. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Plaid Gift Tags Printable (PDF)


Thanksgiving plaid gift tags


plaid gift tags printables | #gifts #printable


plaid gift tags printables | #gifts #printable


plaid gift tags printables | #gifts #printable


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