The Ultimate Carpool Etiquette Guide To Keep The Peace

The Ultimate Carpool Etiquette Guide To Keep The Peace

Carpooling can be a gift for so many reasons. I'm sharing my ultimate carpool etiquette guide to keep the peace so you may consider recruiting a carpool of your own. From conserving gas to learning about new music from your carpool friends' playlists, group transport can be efficient and courteous with a few ground rules in place to make.

Consider the many benefits of carpooling as you learn about the best carpool etiquette to institute in your group.

Great Reasons to Carpool

  • Environmentally friendly when you save on gas and use less to get around
  • Get to know people better when you're sharing a small space
  • Can use the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane on the interstate or highways
  • Get paid to drive (gas and vehicle wear and tear reimbursement)

Essential Carpool Courtesy

To make the time spent as a driver and rider in your carpool pleasant and something you look forward to follow these guidelines and model exceptional etiquette.

Stick to the schedule as agreed. Show respect to all carpool members by going with the program and resist the urge to prioritize your personal needs more often than the group.

Watch your scent. If you're in a morning carpool, modulate your scent - perfume or personal odors - so that it's not overpowering in a vehicle. 

Be on time. If you're running late as a driver or rider, send a text and offer an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Watch what you eat. Err with caution and don't eat in other people's cars. 

If you drink something in the carpool, ensure that it has a travel style top or closure to avoid spilling. If you do spill, offer to have the car cleaned by a professional. Make the effort to help schedule and pay for the cleaning.

Pro Tip: kick off a successful and festive carpool by having travel mugs made for each rider!

Keep it clean. If driving in the carpool, make sure to keep your vehicle tidy so that riders don't have to move your belongings to be comfortable on the ride.

Get to know your carpool gang and work to make their mornings and/or evenings enjoyable.

Remember that the more you give, the more you get.

Children's Carpool Etiquette

When setting up a carpool with other families, create a set of guidelines that will set the tone for a smooth and respectful program.

Create a plan that includes clear pick-up and drop-off expectations that reflect safety, time management, and consideration of others.

While it's never a great plan to discipline another's child, you should feel empowered to set courtesy ground rules in your car during carpool runs.

Families should agree to common courtesy guidelines to make the drives comfortable and pleasant for all riders and you, dear driver.

These common carpool courtesies include

  • Using polite language and no foul words.
  • Using appropriate voice volume while riding in the car. "Let's use an inside voice, please."
  • Calling adults by their title and last name, unless otherwise invited to call you or another adult by their first name.
  • Refraining from phone conversations unless a child is speaking with a parent, guardian or other family member.
  • No eating or drinking other than water in a closed top bottle or cup.
  • Saying please and thank you at every pick up and drop off.

To fully support families in a children's carpool set a schedule and stick to it.

Short of a serious emergency, don't cancel the day of your assigned drive day. If your child cannot make the carpool that day for whatever reason - too much homework, not feeling well - consider driving without your child to keep on schedule and support the carpool families.

Create a group text with a fun name to send updates as needed. Try to plan your day to communicate any changes as soon as possible.

For older students who may be driving a carpool for your children, make a monthly cash payment to the youth driver to cover gas and vehicle wear and tear. 

Ta Ta For Now: How To Leave a Carpool Politely

If you need to drop out of carpool for any reason, don't let fear of disappointing your carpool gang deter you from communicating swiftly.

When you need to leave a carpool, simply let the other drivers and riders know as soon as you can so that they can either offer your seat to another and reroute the trip. 

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