Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl Cupcake Toppers

Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl Cupcake Toppers

Wonder Woman is all the rage and I'm so thankful that my little birthday girls are excited about celebrating our hero's strong and confident style! We're hosting a Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl birthday party at Satsuma Kids Shop and I've created these easy Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl cupcake toppers to enjoy.

wonder woman cupcake toppers

If you enjoyed the original Wonder Woman show like I did, you'll love the new live action movie as well. But Hawk Girl is new to me so when I was creating the design theme for the party I had to dig a little deeper. 

I found an inspiration in Hawk Girl's strength and creativity and a lot of fun Hawk Girl costumes to enjoy.

For our Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl Birthday Party we'll be creating festive crafts as usual. I have a few craft options planned to entertain our birthday girl's guests.

Of course, we'll be creating our own glittery Wonder Woman headdress and wrist bands to set the foundation for our costumes. 

For Hawk Girl, I've deconstructed her traditional garb with a fun and easy feather barrette that the girls can enjoy for dress up or every day. 

After you've decided on your Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl Birthday Party craft, it's time to move to the treats! Using DC Comics logos I created these easy to print and paper punch cupcake toppers.

wonder woman cupcake toppers

You'll find two versions of my cupcake topper printables below for both Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl. You can either create a one or two sided cupcake topper with these.

To create your own cupcake topper, simply print these PDF files onto white card stock, hand cut or paper punch using a 1.5" or 2" round paper punch and glue to a short toothpick.

For a large round or sheet cake topper, print out the Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl toppers, string together with colorful bakers twine - I like red and white - and tie or glue to tall tooth picks.





Wonder Woman Cupcake Toppers

Wonder Woman Cupcake Toppers Printable

wonder woman cupcake toppers printable

Hawk Girl Cupcake Toppers

Hawk Girl Cupcake Toppers Printable

hawk girl cupcake topper


wonder woman cupcake toppers


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