10 Best DIY Christmas Tree Place Cards – Satsuma Designs

10 Best DIY Christmas Tree Place Cards

10 Best DIY Christmas Tree Place Cards

For a Pacific Northwest Christmas there's nothing better than using evergreen boughs and branches in our decorations. That means taking a bag to the park and picking up fallen branches, pine cones, bark and more craft supplies. But if your tree decoration is a little less forage and a bit more refined, I've pulled together a great list of my 10 best diy christmas tree place cards to use for a festive holiday table. 

What I love about these crafts below is that they can easily be used in all sorts of decorating: gingerbread house village, window display, Christmas tree ornaments, gift toppers and anything you can think of.

I'd love to see your creations, tag #satsumasmiles on Instagram and we'll share your creativity. Enjoy!

Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Place Cards

via Oh Happy Day

Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Name Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!


Paper Christmas Tree Place Cards

via Petite Party Studio

DIY Holiday Tree Placecards 2


Birch Branch Place Cards

via Most Lovely Things

Paper Tent Christmas Tree Place Cards

via Running with Scissors Stamper

To make a place card from these adorble tree tent, simply refrain from decorating the base of the tree and add your name.


Stout Paper Christmas Tree Place Cards

via Martha Stewart

Wooden Christmas Tree Place Cards

Pop Up Christmas Trees Place Card



Christmas Tree Terrarium Place Card

via Paper Moss


Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Place Cards

via Stampington

Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Place Card Idea

via Country Living 


It's safe to say we've never seen a more adorable place card than this cute VW bus.
Get the tutorial at Decor and The Dog.

10 best diy christmas tree place cards



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