DIY Washcloth Reindeer

Does your family love a stuffed stocking on Christmas morning like ours? I used to get a Satsuma orange and a scratch ticket from the jolly old elf. I usually came out ahead on the scratch ticket and always enjoyed the Satsuma. And of course there was always a trio of undies and a pair or two of socks.  This year, we're continuing the tradition of the Satsuma orange, but breaking out of the undergarment mold and fashioning up some fun little wash cloth reindeer to delight the family on Christmas morning.

These cutest baby washcloth reindeer stocking stuffers also make great hostess, friend, neighbor or teacher gifts. Pair with a fancy scented soap for your girls and you're headed to the top of the Nice List.

Here's what you'll need to create your own Cutest Baby Washcloth Reindeer Stocking Stuffers (makes 2 reindeer stocking stuffers)

Here's what you'll do to create your own Cutest Baby Washcloth Reindeer Stocking Stuffers

Start by folding three of the wash cloths into small squares or semi-rectangular.

Lay one washcloth tag side down corners out in a diamond shape and place 2 folded washcloths in the center of the diamond.

Gather the top and bottom corners and neatly fold in towards each other.

Now gather the two side corners (ears) and wrap one of the rubber bands around them about mid-way down.

Create your face/gift tag with scissors or punch and draw your face and message with a Sharpie.

Punch a small hole in the top of your tag to accommodate the pipe cleaner next.

Thread your pipe cleaner through your tag hole and wrap your pipe cleaner around the rubber band starting from the front.

Twist pipe cleaner ends around each other when they meet at the back of the reindeer and now shape your antlers or hearts as seen in Rudolph above. C'est tout!

Now do it again to stuff the stockings of your little herd on Christmas morn!

cutest baby washcloth reindeer stocking stuffers     cutest baby washcloth reindeer stocking stuffersSeen on Clean and Scentsible's Inspiration Exchange here!

cutest baby washcloth reindeer stocking stuffers


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