The 12 Essential Emails That Fashion Brands Must Send to Their Email List

The 12 Essential Emails That Fashion Brands Must Send to Their Email List

Email marketing is the strongest way to build customer relationships regardless of the type of business you operate. 

Communicating with customers by email is especially critical for fashion brands looking to develop a rapport and long term relationships. Here are the 12 essential emails that fashion brands must send to their email list.

I've listed the by approximate order of sending so that you have an added bonus of outlining how to spend your time in advance of launch.

Let's get started on your fashion brand success!

Welcome Email Outline

Your fashion brand's welcome email is a superb opportunity to shine! 

Share information about the brand's formation and what inspired YOU to take the plunge and choose to spend your time serving others with your creativity and hard work.

Add a short video for extra connection explaining what customers and fans can expect to experience in your fashion brand's community.

Brand Story Email Copy

After sending a welcome email from a sales transaction, lead magnet download, or other 'entry' into your brand's community, send fans a brand story email that shares early inspiration and the steps it took for you to launch.

A visual timeline created in Canva is a great place to start!

Think of your brand story as an infographic that can excite customers with a visual storyboard. 

Post-Purchase Email

If this sounds elementary then good! You're on the right track. Naturally, whatever e-commerce platform you are using will have a post-purchase template available for use.

The template will likely include shipping tracking information that will be updated as you process your customer's order. 

Beyond the nuts and bolts of shipping, use the template well and add in your fashion brand's look and feel. Spend time on using your brand's color palette, fonts, logo, website address, and any visual graphics, tag lines or other brand assets that will help drive home a customer's delight with their purchase.

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What to Expect from the Brand Email

I love this email because it's so pro-active and supports a long-term customer+brand relationship.

In your What to Expect email, you'll set out the email relationship guidelines for your customers and audience.

Here are some items that you can easily call out to give more clarity and transparency to the experience:

  • Timing of Communications - How often can a customer expect to hear from you. If it's daily or weekly, say so!
  • Types of Outreach - Will you be sharing promotions, sales, behind the scenes information, and new product launches? Use this email to get your customers hyped about what it is your do to share about your fashion brand.

Promotional Email

Go big here when you share your most exciting sales events with your customers and audience.

Use coupons, free shipping, buy one; get one, collaborations, and lots of other creative promotions to get your audience excited about the fashion and sewn products that you are putting out into the world!

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Seasonal Drops

Depending upon your product development lead times, you might be looking at launches up to 5 or 6 times per year. 

I have some customers who are on an AWESOME 6 week product drop schedule that keeps their turnover HIGH and inventory LOW.

Let customers know when they can expect new merchandise and then get them excited to receive your Seasonal Drops emails.

Design Inspiration Email to Customers

Much like your Brand Story Email, your design inspiration email to your customers is a lovely way to open up and share your personal insights into your fashion brand.

Cover such things as your early years and when you might have discovered your love for fashion and all things sewn.

Did you start your fashion brand by making your own garments? Did you make clothing or accessories for others? When did you sell your first garment and how did it feel?

Where do you draw for your creativity? Nature? Lived experiences? Color? The art world? Relationships?

Share as much as you can to paint a welcoming picture of YOU who are the heart of your fashion brand.

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Abandoned Cart Emails

This hard working auto-email is one that you should turn on immediately.

Shoppers abandon their e-commerce carts for any number of reasons so don't take this personally!

Set up your abandoned cart emails to hit shortly after a customer leaves your site (6 hours) then a day later if still abandoned and then try a few days later if your program supports it.

Remember to CUSTOMIZE the emails so that it sounds like a person on the other end, which it will be when you customize the language and cadence of receipt.

How To Use, Wear, and Enjoy Your Product

It's a BLAST to share how to enjoy the products that you work so hard to put out into the world.

Have fun with video and visuals that show your product in action.

Add a Frequently Asked Questions section to this email that answers some of your FAQs and then directs customers and audience to your website as needed.

Birthday Greeting and Bonus Email

Find a way to log your customers' birthdays - day and month only for privacy - and then fete them all the way to checkout!

Send a birthday greeting via email that includes a promotional event - coupon, buy one; get one, free customized gift with purchase or even a gift free and clear if you have the budget!

Holiday Greetings Email

Ensure that you're spreading holiday cheer when you schedule an email for season's greetings mid-November and again mid-December of every year.

Consider some Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) promotions in your November email and follow up for December events as well.

Q4 Sales Bonanza Email

If you plan to run a BIG holiday sale, make email your chosen mode of communication.

With easy and instantaneous reach, Q4 sales events will be best via email.

The Best 12 Emails for all Fashion Brands to Send

Customer-focussed fashion brands know that communicating at the right pace, in the right tone and with the right message is key to a successful launch.

Enjoy discovering what appeals to your customers best and then working hard to serve them with transparency, care, and integrity.

Good luck, you've got this!

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