I'm not sure when our busiest birthday party season is, but I think about 50% of the couples we know are on the same family planning schedule as we were and the other half just 6 short months later! This summer has been chock-full of fun kids' birthday parties, which got me thinking about Kids DIY Gift Wrap. I love to gift wrap and want the kids to learn the delicate skill of creating birthday bliss for a beloved friend or family member.

Here's the quickest, easiest Kids DIY Gift Wrap around. Start with a roll of 24" or 36" wide kraft paper on a roll. The kraft paper on a roll is 1000 feet long here. So, you'll only need one roll for life! But think of all the fun things you can do with kraft paper. A blog post, or 12, is coming about kraft crafts. Now let junior or little miss wrap their gift with help cutting if necessary and let them tape it shut. Let them dig into your fabric scrap bin or ribbon box to pull out their favorite ribbon or fabric to create a custom coordinating bow. We used old striped knit jersey here and created an 'octopus' for our gift topper. Give the kids a marker or Sharpie and let them wish the lucky one a happy birthday. And that's it! Check one more item off of your To Do list and add one more skill to the kids' toolbox. Well done, everyone and happy birthday!      

kids diy gift wrap


Today is a gift. Let's put a bow on it!
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