DIY Laundry Basket Tags for Wash and Fold

Not sure about you, but I feel that the only thing worse than doing laundry is doing the same load twice. Yep!  And what's worse is that it has happened in our family on MULTIPLE occasions. Well not any more friends. I've instituted a system for our clan that I call my DIY Laundry Basket Tags for Wash and Fold.

This is a two tiered approach that prevents both a re-wash of clean laundry by some unsuspecting operator AND encourages all family members to chip in to fold laundry when it's hot out of the dryer. This quick and easy laundry chore tags project was born from necessity where all good inventions are created.  I started with my two most basic laundry help needs for my little miss and junior who are now old enough to pitch in and help gather, sort, wash, dry, fold and put away their clean laundry.

This project is by all means meant to engage and encourage kids to help with the family laundry and learn the steps necessary to keep the laundry-military-industrial complex humming. In less than 10 minutes plus drive or walk time to your local laminating station (we choose Fedex), you'll have a new laundry chore system in place that will encourage every member of the family to engage in laundry. It's not entirely IMpossible!

Here's what you'll need for your DIY Laundry Basket Tags for Wash and Fold:

  • Paper - white, construction, wrapping, kraft, you name it!
  • Pens, pencils or paint and paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Clear luggage tag that can be laminated at a location like Fedex
  • Clip, lanyard or plastic loop to attached laundry hamper tag to the laundry basket or hamper

Here's how you'll make your own custom DIY Laundry Basket Tags for Wash and Fold:

Start by setting up your art station for and with the kids. Try outfitting your little artist with our art smock and art mat.

Now create your custom clothing art. Try a dress or t-shirt like I did or fashion some of the kids' favorite clothing to laminate. Write Wash Me or Fold Me or Sort Me or Dry Me on the clothing art.

Take it to your local Fedex or office supply store and laminate it.

That's it! Now do the laundry and go have some fun! If you try it, post a photo of your creative genius to our Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest. When you do, we’ll send you a Satsuma Designs coupon code. Thanks and happy creating!

diy laundry basket tags for wash and fold diy laundry basket tags for wash and fold


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