Valentine's Day Easy Pop-Up Cards

Valentine's Day Easy Pop-Up Cards

Nothing says 'I Love You' like a homemade card.  Since we're crazy about crafts and sharing our Valentine's Day love, here are a couple of easy pop-up valentine's day cards that are great for kids to make and receive.

Departing from the standard pink and red theme, I've used one of my favorite, bright and friendly colors in these pop-up valentine's cards.

Yellow stands out and makes a great impact for a card that will be loved!

easy pop up valentines day cards

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Pop-Up Card Materials

  • 2 pieces 8 1/2"x11" card stock in yellow and white
  • Black and red Sharpies
  • X-acto knife or other straight blade
  • Craft or cutting mat
  • Glue stick
  • Bone folder or ruler to fold and press creases

Make Your Own Valentine's Day Pop-Up Cards

Start by cutting your paper in half to create 4 pieces of 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pieces.

Set one of each color aside.

Use a ruler or bone folder to fold one yellow and one white piece of paper in half.

Use the image found in this post to create your design and cut it out of the white paper. Note that the fold of your card is approximately 1/4" above the base of your sun.

Now cut a small strip of white card stock to 1/4" wide by about 1/2" long.

Fold this into a V shape that you'll glue later and use to prop out the sun.

Now glue the white page to the yellow to show through your sun.

Finally, glue your V paper strip to the back of your sun, attaching it to your yellow page.

Be sure to just glue a bit at the top of each side of the V so that it will lay flat when you fold it closed.

Fold it gently closed and decorate the front with a large heart cut out from the white paper and decorate as you like.

C'est tout!

Bee Mine pop-up Valentine's Day card

For the Bee Mine Pop-up Valentine's Day Card, repeat the first steps above, but use the image here as a template for the M-I-N-E letters.

Cut out and draw your bee then glue to your white paper.

Add your special embellishments and you're ready to celebrate with your sweet honey!

easy pop up valentines day cards


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