I've been on a roll. A wreath roll, that is. Since last summer I've been obsessed with sprucing up the front door almost every month with a new wreath. Much of my inspiration comes from Pinterest, but for this Valentine's Day Wire Hanger Heart Wreath I dove into the old noodle and came up with this incredibly easy, nearly free, and fully festive ribbon and wire hanger heart wreath to adorn our door from now through February. This design could not be easier and is made even more attractive by the list of materials and their price tags.

Here's what you need to make your own Wire Hanger Heart Wreath:

  • Craft mat/work space that you don't mind getting messy with hot glue drips
  • Wire coat hanger (brown color is better as it's more neutral against your ribbon)
  • 5 yards 2-3" wide ribbon (gros grain or satin work great)
  • Optional: coordinating felt to back your wreath. I omitted this step with a great result, but if you have a window on your door where the wire hanger shows through you might want to 'paint the back of the fence' and cover up the wire.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire cutters (to snip the hook
Here's how you can make your own Wire Hanger Heart Wreath: Start by firing up your glue gun. Now review the image of the wire hanger heart image below to see how you'll bend your wire hanger into your heart shape. I started by pulling the bottom of the hanger down into a V shape. Then I 'folded' the top (hook end) of the hanger down and into the V that I just created. This gave me my two heart sides and then I pulled and pushed them up into place to create the heart shape. Over your craft mat, begin gluing your ribbon to your wire. Start at the bottom and add gentle ribbon folds to the wire about every 1/2". Be sure the alternate the way you fold - left side, right side - to give the ribbon some dimension. OR make your folds all on one side to give a pleated effect. (I think I'll try this for springtime in an oval egg shape!) Glue all ribbon around the wire hanger heart. Finish by adding a hanging ribbon and bow for display. Unplug your glue gun and you're done. Enjoy and happy February! P.S. Enjoy this sweet treat from Satsuma Designs and SAVE 25% OFF when you enter the code: babylove at checkout through February 14th. Thanks for stopping by! wire hanger heart wreath wire hanger heart wreath


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