Here's the genesis of my makeup bag makeover project. Santa brought me a great new tote bag last Christmas and I'm still working out the kinks on organizing the contents of said tote. Most experts would say to group like things and give them their own special container to keep the tote clean and organized instead of dropping them willy nilly into the abyss. Experts are experts for a reason. They have experience and know things.

Consequently, I hit the Dollar Store and scored a few of these handy little zip bags in a metallic finish. I'm using one for my emergency kit (bandaids, neosporin, wipes, floss, and nail clippers), coupons and gift cards, and one for my to-go makeup. I'll  keep a set of drug store makeup staples in this fun trompe l'oeil makeup bag and give it my own special makeover. You can take this concept and blow it out for lots of uses: kids toys, car essentials, manicure/pedicure tools, art supplies, school supplies, and so much more. Because the bags cost only a dollar consider gifting one or two to the kids and let them create their own design. Then invite them to keep their goodies organized too!

Here's what you need for your makeup bag makeover:

  • Dollar store cosmetic bag
  • Sharpies
  • Template or rough outline of your design on paper
Here's what you'll do for your makeup bag makeover: Start by placing you template or plan next to your bag Then begin outlining your design in black (or chosen color) Sharpie Fill in and have fun with your colorful Sharpies Load you to-go make up into your new custom trompe l'oeil makeup bag and say goodbye to tote(al) chaos! makeup bag makeovermakeup bag makeover
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