You wouldn't think it possible that old Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in Seattle last week, but our resident groundhog indeed prophesied another six more weeks of winter weather. And he was right as we got a few inches of snow in Seattle over the weekend. It was the best of every world in that we could go out and play in it and send the kids to school on Monday! Since it's still frigid, I wanted to share this quick and fun easy sew project I'm calling DIY Minky Cuff Gloves.

And don't stop with gloves if you have an old jacket that needs upgrading or add some minky to the kids' parka hoods. Too cute! I picked up these black gloves at the Dollar Store during the holidays with an intention to embellish for a Christmas gift, but that didn't happen. I did however spent a quick 10 minutes to whip these up for myself. Everyone wins?! The cozy minky cuff adds just the right amount of luxe to my winter puffer jacket and keeps me cozy for a day running in and out of the house.

Here's what you need for your own DIY Minky Cuff Gloves:

  • Dollar store gloves in your favorite color
  • Scrap Minky fabric to coordinate with the gloves. If you don't have this on hand, check your fabric store sale/scrap table for the perfect amount at a great price.
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure or string and a ruler
  • Sewing machine
Here's what you do to make your own DIY Minky Cuff Gloves: Start by setting up your work area and plugging in your sewing machine. Now take the circumference of your glove cuff or rough it by measuring the diameter and multiplying by two. My gloves measured just a little less than 3" wide. Decide how long of a cuff you'd like. Mine are 3". Once you have your length and width established cut a rectangle that you'll fold in half for your finished 3" cuff. For example, 6" wide by 8 or 9" long to allow a bit of seam allowance. Now fold right sides of your rectangle together and sew the long way. Turn your tube inside out and sew the ends together by folding the edges in and running a stitch down the width. The beauty of the minky fabric is that it will hide your stitch. Repeat the above step to create two cuffs. Time to attach your cuffs. To do this simply sew the end of your glove cuff to the seam side of your cuff. Sew right sides together so that you'll fold your cuff up and out for a finished look. Et voila! Enjoy your chic new gloves that will have friends and strangers asking, 'where oh where did you get those?' And if you're looking for sweet gloves (mittens) for your little one, check out Satsuma's bamboo baby scratch mittens! diy minky cuff gloves
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