Tea for two and two for from tea. So goes the original words to this Doris Day classic song. And here we have two garments from one great Tea Brand dress. I've brought it into the craft world with a great Tea Collection Dress Hack in which one fun Tea Collection dress becomes a cute and comfy Tea Collection skirt. The only requirement for this Tea Collection Dress Hack is that the dress needs to have some elastic in the high (empire) or natural waistline.

It's not entirely necessary as you can easily add a bit of 1" wide elastic, but it makes it super fast and easy if it's built in. When I thought this up, it did give me pause to cut into a perfectly wearable Tea Collection dress that could easily go to a friend or the donation station, but this was a family favorite and I wanted to extend the garment's life with us. I should also mention that the cotton on these dresses is amazing - this dress is almost three years old and not a pill or worn area on it. Amazing!

Here's what you need for your Tea Collection Dress Hack:

  • Tea Collection dress with elastic empire waist (I should say that this Hack works with ANY elastic waist dress!)
  • Approximately 1 yard of coordinating ribbon in approx 1 or 2" wide grosgrain. You want a ribbon that will stay closed with or without double knotting.
  • Scissors or rotary blade
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
Here's what you'll do for your own Tea Collection Dress Hack: Start by setting up your sewing station. Lay out your dress and cut the top off about 1-2" above the elastic waist. Double fold the new edge and sew in your seam. Finish ribbon ends with a needle or lighter and place your ribbon on the front of your new skirt. You'll want the ends to come to the side seams and start there with a vertical stitch the length of your ribbon. Then sink another column of stitches a few inches over on the ribbon on both sides. You're basically giving stability to the ribbon and waistband and now you still have plenty of ribbon to use for your bow. Now try it on and bow it up! C'est tout. Enjoy your new Tea Collection skirt! Finally, Tea Collection is having a MAJOR sale. One of their two held each year. Check it out and enjoy knowing that a great American company makes products that LAST! tea collecton dress hack before and afterTea Collection dress hackAs seen on Home Stories AtoZ!
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