10 minutes to immediate toddler gratification? Impossible, you say? Not so! Well, granted, even finding time to read a 10 minute tutu tutorial may seem unlikely, so let's get down to the business of fun. Dress up is *huge* in our house as are ballet frocks and dresses and skirts of any kind, length, size, print, and fabric.

That's why I thought it a good idea to supplement our somewhat tattered pink tutu for another fresher version that was a breeze to make and just as satisfying as the one that Grandma spent far to much on to buy. This little 10 minute toddler tutu makes a great Valentine's Day gift or costume for the preschool party. Enjoy!

Here's what you'll need for your 10 minute toddler tutu:

  • One yard tulle fabric. I chose white for Valentine's day with a satin red ribbon, but try any number of the various tulles out there. Here's an incredible resource or hit your local thrift shop or fabric store. Tulle runs about $1-$2/yard. So cheap and fun!
  • Coordinating 2" wide ribbon. Satin or gros grain is nice. Here's my favorite ribbon suppliers. Great cheap spools in lots of colors and types.
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
Here's what you'll do to create your own 10 minute toddler tutu: Start by setting up your sewing machine with a straight stitch in a coordinating thread and bobbin. Next lay out your fabric and determine your sizing and tutu length. I went with a short mini style and cut 4 strips (9" long) from the yard of tulle and sewed each end together from a 50" long roll, which gave me 200", of which I used 100" here. Your tutu will contract by about 80% or more if you want a really gathered look so keep your ballerina's measurements in mind. If needed, sew a single seam through the end(s) of your tulle pieces to create one super long strip of tulle. Now, sew a basting stitch approximately 2" from the top of the fabric, which you will use to gather your material. Here's a great primer: How to Machine Baste (a stitch, not a turkey!). To do this, you'll simply sew a straight line across the top of your fabric WITHOUT setting the thread at the beginning or end of your stitch. Leaving it unset like this allows you to gather the tulle and create the great effect. So this really is the trick to a super fast toddler tutu, or any tutu, design. Take one end of one piece of your thread by hand and begin pulling it to gather your tulle into a tutu. When you've determined your waist size, tie off the threads by hand and trim the excess. Now take your ribbon and finish and sew these two end to your tutu. Trim ribbon again if necessary, et voila! C'est tout! Your toddler tutu is complete. Enjoy! 10 minute toddler tutu 10 minute toddler tutu with leggings10 minute toddler tutu10 minute toddler tutu


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