The Chinese New Year greets us on January 31st and in case you hadn't heard, the Zodiac symbol for 2014 is the horse. According to ancient Chinese tradition, a year of the horse brings energy, warmth, ability and intelligence and those qualities lie in those born in the zodiac year. If you want to find your year and symbol, check it out here for fun. If you'd rather just dress up your front porch with a 2014 year of the horse good luck new year wreath then read on. As we know in the western tradition, a good old horse shoe hung upside down ensures good luck for all who cross its threshold. I've combined the best of both eastern and western traditions for this quick and easy good luck wreath that will sparkle through the new year and beyond.

Here's what you'll need for your 2014 Year of the Horse Good Luck Wreath: Wreath base - 18" or so for your front door or indoor space

  • 8 yards of 2" wide ribbon or less if using a wider ribbon to cover the wreath base
  • 1/4 yard each of silver and gold lame (la-may) material
  • Old horse shoe - I was so lucky to score mine already painted black at my local architectural salvage yard for $5, expensive for this, but worth the luck it already brings with it!
  • Black spray paint for horse shoe (optional)
  • Black and/or silver ribbon to hang horse shoe from wreath
  • Any scrap ribbon or material for further embellishment
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue
Here's what you'll do to make your 2014 Year of the Horse Good Luck Wreath: Start by firing up your glue gun and gathering your supplies. Cut lame fabric into 20 3" wide strips (approximately 18-24" long). Whip up 20 or so fabric flowers in 10 minutes. Follow my tutorial on 30 second fabric flowers to breeze through this step. Now, set aside flowers and wrap your wreath base in the 2-3" wide ribbon and secure with glue. Affix flowers to wreath base in an artful fashion. Now use a piece of scrap ribbon and glue each end of the ribbon to the horse shoe so it's ends are facing up as seen in the photos above and below. Then create your wreath hanging strap (black gros grain ribbon with gold ric rac seen here) and loop that through the horse shoe. Take a small piece of ribbon (4" long and thin) to wrap and tie to your wreath hanging strap that you'll use to hang from a nail or hook on your door or wall. Finally glue on your crowing bow and hang. Now sit back and relax as you kick off 2014 with luck, good health and happiness! 30 minute new year good luck wreathyear of the horse good luck wreathnew year wreath diy craft


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