5 Minute Sparkly Felt Fortune Cookies

These little 5 minute sparkly felt fortune cookies were a big hit at our neighborhood new year's eve party and we're excited to recycle the fun for the coming Chinese New Year on January 31st. Yes, somehow fortune smiles upon us every year and we manage to score a new year's invitation to some fun family party.  

This year was no different and we got to ring in the new year with great friends and neighbors. These felt fortune cookies were a well-loved party favor and everyone got a huge kick out of the custom fortunes penned by young master. A particular favorite read, "good fortune will shine on your bald head for many days."

Mind you, we all have most of our hair, save daddy who's tall enough that no one notices! This is a great family craft and fun made in assembly-line style. Let the kids help you fill them with their own fun, festive and future-telling notes to get all revelers on Chinese New Year whinnying (sic) into the year of the horse.

Here's what you need to make your set of 5 Minute Sparkly Felt Fortune Cookies (yields 20 felt cookies):

  • 5 sheets sparkly felt (the white I used was the stiff sort and the black softer, either work great, in fact contrary to my expectations, the soft black was easier to work with)
  • 6-7 black and white pipe cleaners or whatever color you'd like to coordinate with your felt, cut into 3" lengths
  • 1 3 1/4" Adams Natural Peanut Butter top (or whatever 3"-3 1/2" circle form you have on hand (Mason jar top, etc.)
  • Pencil or washable marker to trace your circle on felt
  • Paper fortunes from the kids - cut to about 1/4" high by 3-4" long or however long you need to get a good fortune on paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun/glue
Here's what you'll do to make your set of 5 Minute Sparkly Felt Fortune Cookies: Start by firing up your glue gun Trace circles using your form onto your felt Cut out circles Run a line of thin glue down the center line (diameter) of a felt circle and place a 3" pipe cleaner on glue When dry, fold felt circle along the pipe cleaner line and glue with a small dot the half circles together at the edge When dot is dry, insert your paper fortune Finally, fold the pipe cleaner ends toward each other to create your fortune cookie shape Et voila! Happy Chinese New Year! 5 minute sparkly felt fortune cookies5 minute sparkly felt fortune cookies


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