Dollar Store Christmas Stocking Makeover

This instant dollar store stocking makeover project was born of necessity and my attempt to buy time. At Christmas? Ha!, you say? Well, I had to do something. We spent last Christmas in gorgeous and snowy white Wisconsin for a fabulous family holiday with tons of cousins, aunts, uncles, high school friends and of course grandmas and grandpa. With all our blessings we wound up shipping a box of toys that Santa and his team left under our adopted tree.

I thought I stashed our stockings with said box, instead they're nowhere! No-where! If you're shocked that it took me this long to realize it. I concur. I've been having so much fun decorating with new holiday crafts that I didn't really focus on the traditional nuts and bolts that keep Christmas coming. I learned this year.

And I did what any time-strapped mom would do, I headed to the dollar store for a budget friendly stocking that I knew I would be able to have fun embellishing in less than 5 minutes and that includes firing up the glue gun! Here's how I did it and created these new stand-in stockings that the whole family least until I can find the ones with our names painstakingly embroidered on the cuff featuring a fuzzy angora Santa face. You know the ones. Now, where are they?!

Here's what you need to pimp your dollar store stocking:

  • Dollar store stockings for all your merry makers who need one. I needed four. cost: $4
  • Iron on applique in a favorite character or shape. cost: the appliques were pricey at $4.99 per item.
  • 2 yards Miribou trim in red and white from the ribbon aisle of your local fabric store or a stray boa from your kids' dress up bin. cost: $.79/yard.
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors

Here's what you'll do to pimp your dollar store stocking: Fire up your glue gun Lay out your stockings so you can be efficient and manage this assembly line style Prep your appliques and trimmings Cut off any tassels or weird looking tabs, etc. from the stockings. Set aside as you may want to use them. I cut off each of my four tassels to start with, but then ended up doubling the reds and greens and attaching to my Hello Kitty Stocking and my Yoda Stocking. Start glue your appliques and trimmings to your stockings. Hold in place. Let glue dry. Hang! Be merry and enjoy your new stockings sure to be filled with wondrous delights, NOT coal come Christmas morn.

instant dollar store stocking makeover instant dollar store stocking makeover for kids                                                                                                                               As seen on It's Overflowing!


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