My son boasts that I create ornaments with holiday cards we get each season. I've done ornaments, wreaths, garlands, columns. I've taped, stapled, hot glued and wedged our friends and their kids into every conceivable display system to show off this holiday love. It's a bit of a personal challenge to figure out a new method to enjoy each card we receive and give it the due it deserves. But never before have I crafted a Holiday Card display tree.

This year I designed a quick, cheap and easy display system. As cards arrive, I rip off (no time to use scissors, friends!) a 3" length of one of three red and white patterned Washi tapes and secure the card to the wall. I *might* use a small tape ring of packing tape to insure my work, I might, I might not. :)

Ask the kids to help you each evening as you add to the fun. What's fun about this tree is that it grows through the season as you water it with love and community. Start with a slender tree and grow the branches or start at the trunk and grow up or even top down. Don't forget to water it with care and thanksgiving for all the friends and family that go into making your Holiday Card Washi Tape Tree this season.

Here's what you need for your Holiday Card Washi Tape Tree:

  • 3 rolls Washi Tape in a festive color combo - try red/white, green/white, metallics, primaries, pastel prints, pink!
  • Holiday Greeting Cards from friends and family far and near
  • Heavy tack packing tape (if you have walls that won't work with Washi Tape alone). Please note: be careful to use tape that WON'T strip your paint/wall board)
Here's how you'll grow your own Holiday Card Washi Tape Tree: Decide how you want to grow your Holiday Card Washi Tape Tree and start from there. When you're ready to top off your tree add (or start with this like I did) a star, angel or other special topper. Enjoy! holiday card washi tape tree


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