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5 Ways to Help Kids Write Thank You Notes

5 Ways to Help Kids Write Thank You Notes

I hope I'm not alone here, but even after the stress of hosting pre-Christmas parties, shopping, decorating, donating used toys, wrapping new toys, sending cards, receiving cards (and figuring out some artful way to display them!), I'm still a little beat by the prospect of Christmas morning. The warmth of cozy time together is unforgettable, but there are boxes to slice open, then recycle, clothing to don for Grandma's house and kids thank you notes to write.

And if you're like us, you have the blessing of family near and far. Lest I throw my hat in the ring for Mrs. Scrooge of the year, I've come up with my own proactive list to fend off this second round of holiday madness.

Here are a few tips to keep Christmas Day stress-free and get those kids writing Thank You notes to Uncle John write right out of the gate!

1. In her 1922 tome, Etiquette (now in its 18th edition), social graces guru, Emily Post calls for thank you notes to be written within a day or two of receiving (opening) a gift. Make a list and check it twice or even three times given the potential Christmas morning chaos. Let the kids help you take inventory on who got what. My experience tells me they will love going over all the goodies again!

2. When making a list of gifts received, jot down the child's first utterance after opening the gift, whether 'wow!', 'just what I wanted!, or 'so cool!' begin the thank you card with this enthusiastic response to delight the reader and set the tone of the note.

3. Purchase some plain white card stock note cards or simply white card stock to let the kiddos decorate for a custom look when they can't write their own notes. This gives a personalized touch without the pain of having a pre or early writer pen even more than a couple of cards.

4. For pre-writers and pre-readers, have the child sign her name and let him stamp and seal the envelope.

5. Let them join in the fun and tradition of giving their thanks for the generosity of friends and family. Create a ritual round this gratitude and save energy for one or two important thank you notes for Grandma and Grandpa or special loved ones from out of town. The care that goes into a child's thank you note is lost on no one and makes a lasting impression, usually for a lifetime.

My grandmother used to remind us how much she loved our notes. It's still something that makes me smile when I think of her looking on at us from heaven each Christmas (and birthday!).

5 easy tricks to help kids write thank you notes


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