DIY Thanksgiving Corn Cob Napkin Rings

DIY Thanksgiving Corn Cob Napkin Rings

Don't these quick corn cob napkin rings with corn husk name card look hard to make? Not so hard, as time consuming. Well, they're not! At all. 1/2 of a toilet paper roll, 2 pieces of 20" ribbon, and 6 dabs of glue and you're on your way to a dozen handsome and conversation starting corn cob ribbon napkin rings!  Here's how to make your own deceptively quick and easy corn cob napkin rings. 

And, I like to add a little mystery when I can and have put a letter in each of my 20 napkin rings that spell out a message to my Thanksgiving guests. When each guest puts their ring in the right order, it spells out: we are thankful for you! Kind of sweet, non? Add a little Sharpie letter into the top of each and you're done. Okay, back to the job at hand.

Here's what you'll need to make your Quick Corn Cob Napkin Rings with Corn Husk Name Card:  for each napkin ring:

  • 1/2 toilet paper roll or approximately 1/5 paper towel roll
  • 1 20" long 1" wide ribbon
  • 1 20' long 3/8" OR 5/8" wide ribbon
  • glue gun/glue
  • corn husk from the grocery store
  • coordinating construction paper for name cards
  • Sharpie

Here's how you'll make your Quick Corn Cob Napkin Rings with Corn Husk Name Card:

Start by dabbing a bit of glue on one end of your 1" wide ribbon, place it on the inside of the TP roll about center.

Now wrap the 1" wide ribbon around the tube making sure to angle a bit to keep gaps to a minimum. You will have some tube showing between the ribbon, but don't worry because that will be covered by your thinner ribbon.

NOTE: you'll wrap the 1" ribbon around the tube 5 times. 

When you've reached the end of your rope, trim as necessary and glue it to the starting point inside the tube Now take your 3/8" ribbon and dab glue on one end and slide under one of the 1" ribbon layers.

Start at either the top or bottom of the tube. Weave the 3/8" ribbon through the 1" ribbon. You'll need to push the layers up towards one another to make room for your last woven circle.

Finally, trim 3/8" ribbon as necessary and either dab glue onto the end of the 3/8" ribbon OR dab a little dot of glue onto the tube UNDER a 1" ribbon layer.

Now rip your corn husks to size, drop in your lettered construction paper and start the holiday tunes, you're done!

quick and easy corn cob napkin rings quick and easy corn cob napkin rings


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