Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Place Card Crafts

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Place Card Crafts

I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and to cut back on some of the hostess anxiety, I'm turning to the kids for help. I cooked up these cute and easy Thanksgiving place card crafts for kids that they loved making.

Each of these is easy to make and requires little supervision, aside from the paper cutting with scissors.

You could combine this trio or use them at the kids table and adult table. My kids love to have a hand in the table setting and get a kick out of hosting.

Turkey Leg Place Card

Here's what you need for your turkey leg place card

turkey leg place card

thanksgiving turkey leg place card idea

turkey leg place card for kids

Pumpkin Place Card with Leaf and Ivy

pumpkin place card


Pine Cone and Leaves Turkey Place Card

pine cone and leaves place card


thanksgiving place card ideas




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