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Happy Halloween! If like me, the candy is still on your grocery list, you may need a quick carving solution to keep your porch spooky and bright this night. Here's a last minute Jack-O-Lantern design that took 10 minutes to cut, scoop and carve.

Here's what you'll do to carve your last minute Jack-O-Lantern:

1. Roll your pumpkin into the house and place on a newspaper draped table

2. Grab a Sharpie and hand draw B O O on the pumpkin

3. Take a small paring knife and cut your top open. Be sure you angle the knife about 45 degrees into the top so that it doesn't fall in when you place it back on.

4. Scoop out guts. 5. Carve B O O

6. Clean your work space by rolling up the newspaper and dumping in the yard waste bin

7. Place mini pillar candle in your jack-o-lantern

8. Display! Wishing all you sweet goblins out there a fun and safe Halloween! Stay dry, keep the costume together and choose good candy. See you on the other side of the sugar crash. yours in tricks and treats, jen

happy halloween from satsuma designs


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