DIY Pumpkin Halloween Headband

If you have kids in the house, or even if you don't and are a kid at heart, holidays are a blast because of how you can accessorize and create excitement for the coming festivities.

I favor hair accessories and whipped up this Pumpkin Halloween Headband in 20 minutes with some ribbon and a headband I had on hand.

You can re-purpose a headband or pick up a pack of plastic or metal headbands from your craft store or site. 

And this pumpkin headband can be morphed for any future holiday.

Try snowmen and snowflakes in white satin or grosgrain ribbon for winter, a pastel rainbow for spring and red white and blue come July!

Here's what you'll need:

  • headband
  • 3 feet of orange gros grain ribbon, cut into thirds (12" each)
  • 9 inches of green gros grain ribbon, cut into thirds (3" each)
  • 3 yards of brown gros grain ribbon (or more to cover your headband)
  • 6 orange felt circles to back your pumpkins
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • newspaper or craft board for easy clean up
  • lighter to finish ribbon ends

Easy Pumpkin Halloween Headband in 20 Minutes from Satsuma Designs

Here's what you'll do:

Gather supplies (3 minutes - have your craft items organized by type in marked bins: ribbon, hair accessories, glue gun/sticks, etc. for easy reach)

Use lighter to finish all ends of ribbons (14 ends total on 7 ribbons) (1 minute)

Cover headband in brown gros grain ribbon by hot gluing on end to base of headband and wrapping on an angle around the entire headband. Secure with more hot glue and set aside. (3 minutes)

Create pumpkins by first gluing the short green ribbon to one end of each of the orange ribbons. The green end will create your stem.

Start by folding the green stem down to create a triangle (shown) and start rolling pointed end into the green towards the orange ribbon.

NOTE: I'm left handed so you may want to reverse this direction as you'll want to use your right hand (if a righty) to create the pumpkin folds. (1 minute) 

Start creating your pumpkins by taking a 1/2 turn OUTWARDS of ribbon and rotating the pumpkin away from you.

Here's a tutorial from WikiHow for burlap flowers that helps illustrate.

When you're out of ribbon glue the end to the base. With one hand securing the pumpkin, glue the felt circle onto the bottom to secure. (2 minutes per pumpkin = 6)

Glue three pumpkins to the headband. (3 minutes)

Glue 3 felt circles to conceal the glue and pumpkin base (shown). (3 minutes)

C'est tout! Enjoy!

Easy Pumpkin Halloween Headband in 20 Minutes from Satsuma Designs

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