10 Dental Care Tips for Baby and Kids

 There's nothing like the sight of baby's first pearl. A first tooth is a treasure and should be protected as their neighbors join them. Here are 10 Best Baby and Kids Tooth Care Tips to keeps those pearly whites bright. For kids of all ages, brush or wipe morning and night to remove bacteria. If possible, wipe baby's gums gently after meals. Us a damp wash cloth or a piece of gauze to gently rub away any food. When first teeth arrive, consider a flouride-free tooth gel like Weleda Flouride-free tooth gel. Can use flouride toothpaste after age 2, experts say.

Help brush teeth until your child can hold the brush themselves and even then help make sure they're covering all surface areas. For older kiddos use an egg timer from one of their board games. Keeps them focussed and sets goals that they can accomplish and be proud of. Replace toothbrushes when any splaying begins.

Run toothbrushes through the dishwasher on the top rack to keep them clean and fresh. Don't forget to run the toothbrush holder through the dishwasher too as bacteria can collect on the bottom. Purchase the softest bristled brushes available. Use the age guidelines on the packaging, but don't hesitate to use a younger version for kids on the cusp. When ready, try kids tooth flossers to begin a lifelong habit.

These little handles are easy to hold and slide in and out between teeth. Help kids make a C shape around the base of their teeth to get the feeling of proper flossing. Schedule a dental appointment in year one. Choose a pediatric dentist who will make the visit easy, fun and even entertaining, maybe! Here's how to choose the right doc. When they're old enough to rinse and spit toothpaste by themselves they're ready to run the show!

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