DIY Dry Erase Pen Cheese Plate

Guess what you should serve when friends from Wisconsin come for dinner? Cheese! I know it sounds risky presenting cheese to the pros, but here's a fun way to introduce your cheese lovers to a few new varieties without the stress of having to pronounce the fancy European cheeses from memory. Try my DIY dry erase pen cheese plate trick to keep the conversation and the cheese flowing. Here's what you'll need to create your own dry erase pen cheese plate:
  • White or light colored ceramic tray or platter. You could do this on a plastic or acrylic tray too.
  • Dark dry erase pen. I used black, which turned out a slate blue color, which I liked. For seasonal use, try red and green for holiday, brown and orange for thanksgiving and green and pink or purple for spring.
  • Cheese with names on labels
Here's what you'll do to create your own dry erase pen cheese plate: Lay out your cheeses on your platter so you have enough room to write the name on the try without any risk of the cheese moving into the pen. Write the names of the cheeses on the tray. Cap the pen. Et voila, c'est tout! Bon appetit! Remember to share the love by. . . liking Satsuma's Facebook page, following Satsuma on TwitterPinterest and/or Google+. diy dry erase pen cheese plate


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