How to Decide What Kids Art to Keep

There is only so much room to save and store kids' precious art, cards, love letters and more. I have tried any number of suggestions on how to tame the prolific flow of creativity, but once again here I am in Fall and I'm up against a wall of art work.

How to Decide What Kids' Art to Keep

I'm using the term artwork loosely as it includes all school work - worksheets, art, filled coloring pages, home made books, cards to friends, love letters to family, birthday invite lists, birthday theme ideas, birthday gift ideas, and on....and on. I want to see if I could come up with a checklist or set of criteria to help me manage the flow. I think this might fall under the LEAN framework used in manufacturing and management. Here is a DRAFT list of questions that I would love help with. I'm going to try this for a couple of weeks and send word back on success and/or needed improvement.

5 Step Criteria to Decide What Kids' Art to Keep

Caveat: Let it be known to current and future readers and the kids, you know who you are, that I ADORE every scrap of paper that holds your imagination and shares your gorgeous brains with us. That said, I need some closet space! 1. Does it communicate strong (or even mild) emotion or thought? What a gift it will be to look back on these works with your kids to talk about what they were going through, feeling, thinking when they were 4, 8, 12 and more. 2. Does it show a newly learned skill or concept? Example, counting to 30 as in learning the calendar. Creating a pattern of colorful shapes for the new math unit. 3. It is totally original? Or does it resemble a piece already archived? If so, let it go. 4. Does it echo some other Master's work? It is possible. In Kindergarten, my nephew painted a stunning painted collage that echoed Robert Rauschenberg's work. It's now framed and hung, natch. 5. Do you LOVE it? If yes, it must stay. What's your criteria when it comes to storing art or gently passing it along to the circular archive? Please share below in comments - thank you!! Remember to share the love by. . . liking Satsuma's Facebook page, following Satsuma on TwitterPinterest and/or Google+. how to decide what kids art to keep


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