DIY Splatter Painted Blown Eggs for Easter

DIY Splatter Painted Blown Eggs for Easter 

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Join me to learn how to easily create all natural Easter decor! My sustainable blown eggs are easy to make and fun to decorate.

Blown eggs can be enjoyed for years when properly stored.

Turn these into garlands, place cards, add to wreaths and centerpieces for your Easter feast!

Blown eggs in a bowl with moss rabbit and potted plant


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Table setting with blown eggs in shallow bowl and pillar candles

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Splatter painted blown eggs in a bowl with moss

How To Make Splatter Paint Eggs Video Tutorial

Follow along in my video to see how I make these easy blown egg treats!

Splatter Paint Blown Eggs Project Supplies

You don't need much to create these beautiful splatter painted eggs for springtime decorating.

  • 1 dozen fresh eggs - if you prefer, use lightweight craft eggs instead and skip the blowing out the whites and yolk part
  • Acrylic paint in whatever colors you like. I used brown, teal and white for my splatter paint eggs.
  • Needle or pin to poke holes in the top and bottom of each egg
  • Soup spoon or paring knife to act as a 'mallet' to insert the pin in the egg
  • Drinking straw to blow the insides of the egg out
  • Small bowl to catch the egg whites and yolks to preserve for later cooking
  • Deli cup or other type of flat bottom container to hold egg for easy painting clean up
  • Craft paint brush - I like a wide brush
  • Paper towel
  • Craft mat or newspaper to set down to protect table top from paint
Splatter painted brown blown eggs in a wooden bowl with moss

How To Make Splatter Paint Blown Eggs

Start by setting up your craft station to protect your space from paint.

Next, poke a single needle hole in the top of your egg.

Now, poke a hole that is larger than your top hole in the bottom of your egg.

Place the egg over your catch bowl and use your straw to blow the contents of the egg into the bowl through the top small hole.

Your bottom hole should be large enough to allow the egg whites and yolk to flow through into the bowl.

Run the larger bottom egg hole under water for a few seconds to insert water into the egg, gently shake around and use your straw to blow the water out the bottom hole.

This cleans the egg.

Set your egg aside to dry completely.

In the meantime, set up your painting station.

To paint your blown eggs, place an egg in your flat bottom container.

Pour out a little bit of acrylic paint and dab your paint brush in it.

Fold up your paper towel and just above the egg run your paintbrush over the paper towel fold from top to bottom so that the brush bristles splatter paint below and onto your egg shell.

That's it! This is such a super fun and easy project to make blown eggs for all kinds of decorating.

DIY splatter paint blown eggs for Easter decorating. Try this cheap and easy project to make delicate blown eggs that are lovely for springtime decorating. #blowneggs #Easter #decorating #Easterdecor


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