You've Been Elfed Neighborhood Holiday Gifts

You've Been Elfed Neighborhood Holiday Gifts

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There's one in every family. Each family has a member who is obsessed with the holiday movie, Elf, starring Will Farrell.

Guess who it is in my family! Yep. C'est moi! 

This year I nearly lost it from the excitement of coming up with my You've Been Elfed Neighborhood holiday gift idea.

Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

I have some fun how-to videos on my instragram feed that shows all the materials in order that you need them.

And since the movie Elf is a universal favorite, how about treating your friends and neighbors to some serioulsy fun holiday cheer!


 Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

Here's What You Need to Create Your Own You've Been Elfed Bag

  • Red or green paper gift bags from the dollar store. Each of my packs had eight bags
  • White liquid chalk pen
  • Will Ferrell faces! See below for the printable to get al your fun Wills.
  • A little card stock, chip board or cardboard to act as a wall onto which you'll glue your Elf
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife or sharp paring knife to cut open the shutters on your window
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Glue stick
  • Candy, playing cards, little games, holiday treats to delights your pals

 Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

How To Make Your Own Elf Movie Holiday Treat Bag

This holiday treat bag could not be easier to make with terrific results.

Start by decorating your bag with the liquid chalk marker. The chalkola markers I have in the links below are superior. The chalk is so smooth and the fine tip is great for this design.

Be sure to make a window about 2"x2" somewhere on your house for Elf to enjoy!

When drawing your window, make a casement style or 2 shutter style so that you can slice them open, fold and reveal Elf.

Next cut a piece of white card stock, chip board or cardboard that's been covered in white copy paper (or not) to the width and 2/3 of the height of your bag - approximately 5"x8"

Next, slide the card stock into the FRONT of your bag.

Make sure it's on the top of the bag side folds.

With your X-acto knife or sharp paring knife or even the point of sharp scissors, cut open the window for Elf.

Now, glue Elf in the window and fold your window closed.

Fill your bag with goodies, fold over the top into a point, hole punch two holes and string a ribbon.

Tie up with a bow and get out there to spread joy in the happiest season!

Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

What to Include in a You've Been Elfed Treat Bag

Have fun creating a personalized bundle of treats for your target turkey.

One of the best parts of this fun activity is filling that paper bag to the brim!

Try any number of seasonal treats that friends can enjoy during cold, vacation days.

  • Hot cocoa and coffee fixings
  • Bags of jumbo marshmallows
  • Festive candy canes
  • Card games for the holiday vacation
  • Selection of your favorite holiday flavored candy
  • Bundle of your handmade culinary treats

Here's How I Hang My You've Been Elfed Treat Bags


Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

Other Holiday Neighborhood Gift Giving Ideas

I love celebrating the arrival of each holiday season by spreading some neighborhood cheer.

An easy way to share the joy is to give friends and neighbors sweet treats!

Here are some other ideas to give each autumn and winter holiday.

You've Been Gobbled Thanksgiving Turkey Leg

Halloween You've Been Boo'ed Treat Bag and Printable 

DIY Big Boo Treat Kit

 Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

You've Been Elfed Will Farrell Happy Faces

Print this file onto copy paper and cut out the little Elfs with scissors. Enjoy!

Will Farrell Elf Faces for Holiday Gift Giving (PDF)

Photo of red paper bag house hanging on a front door

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