DIY Black and White Art Cards for Baby

DIY Black and White Art Cards for Baby

When baby first gazed into your eyes only to light up in a smile did you ever wonder if they actually saw you or could it have been passed gas?

Maybe a little of both? Well, I wondered quite a bit and had read that babies' eyesight is still in development when they arrive.

Experts suggest giving babies high-contrast images to view to help them develop their early eyesight.That's why this DIY project, black and white art cards for baby, will get their little eyes and brains growing.

diy black and white baby art cards

How to make black and white art cards for baby

Here's a quick and easy way to help stimulate baby's eyesight through black and white patterns and illustrations.

I found many great resources for art, but you could also use family photos that have been converted to black and white line art. 

Turn your color or black and white photo into line art. This great tool converts your scanned photo in .jpg format to a painting, drawing, sketch, line art and more.And here's a great tutorial on how to convert a photo into a line art drawing in Photoshop.

MUCH easier than it sounds. It only took me a few clicks to turn photos into black and white art cards for baby.

Images to use for black and white art cards for baby

To make your own black and white art cards for baby here's what you'll need and do. Gather,
  • black and white art work approximately 3"x5"
  • laminate pouches. I used these 4"x6" laminate pouches at Amazon.
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • shower curtain ring(s) or ribbon
  • A local FedEx or other shop that has a hot laminating machine if you don't have your own, which I don't. They didn't charge me to use the machine, I just made sure to check in with them before laminating my black and white art cards.

Do this, Start by printing and cutting your art to size. Then place art in laminate pouches. Laminate.

Trim if needed. Punch a hole and string or loop for endless hours of eye catching fun with baby!

Let us know how it goes and when baby asks for the Van Gogh.

 black and white art cards for baby


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