Do you wear a Remembrance Poppy Pin on Veterans Day and Memorial Day?

With Veterans Day approaching, I find myself thinking of all the ways that we can support and honor our veterans and the women and men currently serving in our Military.

We recently packed and shipped off our Halloween candy to Troops through Operation Gratitude.

And when I see uniformed Servicemen and Servicewomen in my daily life I smile or if I have the chance, say thank you.

It often takes me outside of my comfort zone, but I always feel my heart swell when they respond in kind and share their smile with me.

Outward signs of our support for American military personnel and our Veterans is just a small way to show support for their sacrifice.

I discovered that the red poppy is generally reserved for observing Memorial Day in the United States, but in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Countries, poppy pins and brooches are worn on November 11th for Remembrance Day or Armistice Day.

There can never be enough gratitude shown for our Military and their families, which is why my family and I will be wearing our Red Poppies on Veterans Day this November 11th.

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How to make a DIY Remembrance Poppy Pin

Here's an easy DIY Remembrance Poppy pin to wear with gratitude this Veterans Day and Memorial Day to show your appreciation and care for the women and men who protect and serve our country. Here's what you'll need to make your own Remembrance Poppy Pin
  • Red fabric approx 2" wide x 18" long in the fabric type of your choice
  • Small piece of black felt (1" square) or a small black button
  • Embroidery needle and black floss
  • Green burlap or other stiff fabric for leaves
  • Small (1") safety pin to sew to back of poppy and wear
  • A small bit of tape

Here's how you'll make your Remembrance Poppy Pin

Start by laying out the red fabric RIGHT side facing you and lengthwise in front of you.

At the right end, fold the top right corner down and to the left so you make a small triangle (wrong side of small triangle facing you).

Now begin rolling the right corner (the point) toward the left a couple of rolls and then begin folding the fabric in your left hand OVER towards the back and AWAY from you.

Do this and rotate the flower clockwise as you twist and turn.

When you run out of red fabric gently tape the end to the base of the flower to secure temporarily.

Thread your needle.

Begin sewing the flower securely to itself and the cut leaves to the base of the poppy.

Now sew the closed safety pin to the back of the flower and secure with a know.

Et voila! You're done!  

diy rememberance poppy veterans day


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