Is your current collection of holiday gift tags ho-ho-humdrum? Mine too. My collection amounts to a hodge podge of leftovers from at least three Christmases. I've had enough. This year when we travel to Grandma's house we intend to delight the family with some home made, yet high quality (!) DIY gift tags from kids art hanging from festively wrapped gifts to show our love. Not that gifts are required for that! I'm about to walk you through an easy tutorial for DIY gift tags from kids' art made using the free website, PicMonkey. Most of you have used it and like me, love it, but for the uninitiated, here's an easy step-by-step guide to creating DIY gift tags from kids' artwork. First you'll need to get your little Vans Gogh-ing making some great seasonal art. It doesn't have to be seasonal, but it's fun to share a little holiday spirit through your gift tag. When you have the kiddos' artwork it's time to get it into digital format. You can either scan it and save the file as a .jpg or take a photo with your phone or camera and save it to your computer and leave it in a file you can find later to insert into PicMonkey.

Now we'll make the DIY Gift Tags from Kids' Art

Visit PicMonkey and click Design (top bar). This will open a 2000x2000 pixel blank document. Click Crop on the left hand Tool Bar and size down to an approximate gift tag size by dragging the box and click Apply. (see below) picmonkey step 1 open and crop Click the Overlays icon from Tool Bar at left. It's the solid butterfly icon. Scroll to top and click 'Your Own' (i.e. you're going to select your own overlay which will be your art. Now select the file of your kids' art that you saved, size it and place it where you would like it on the gift tag. (see below) picmonkey step 2 size imageNow add your holiday message and a To and From by clicking on the Tt on the tool bar at left. (see below) To add the ♥ to your document, press ALT+3 on your number pad on the right of your keyboard. You'll save your document and then we'll create a page of gift tags that you can print and cut for use. picmonkey step 3 add text Open a Word blank document or Publisher, Photoshop or other that you like. Now simply insert your gift tag file and copy and paste until you have as many tags as you need. Print on card stock, cut and trim, hole punch, thread and tie. You're done! You can thank me for sending you straight to Santa's BEST ELF list later. Enjoy! And if all else fails, here are some beauties from Martha. Printable gift tags. Will you share the love by. . . liking Satsuma's Facebook page, following Satsuma on TwitterPinterest or Google+? diy kids art gift tags                         kids art gift tags 2


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