Are you the type to keep a first aid kit in the car trunk, glove box, your handbag and the kids' backpacks? Me too! And if you find yourself reaching a little too often for neosporin and a bandaid at the sight of the smallest scratch then this mini ice pack hack was made for you. When you're on the road or at home and the small ones of the house cry out in pain, our little ketchup ice pack is the perfect solution to both soothe a nick and comfort Nick.

On your next trip to the local fast food joint, pick up a handful of ketchup, mustard or mayo packs (mayo if you have tweens in the house with larger hands), loop a couple of mini rubber bands around them and pop them in the freezer to chill. The next time your little ones complain of a sliver, paper cut, pinch or worse, grab one or more of these mini ice packs to save the day.

These also make great little ice packs for snack time. Enjoy and stay safe!

diy mini ice pack DIY mini ice pack for travel

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