Paper Punch Garland

Are the Christmas gifts wrapped and ready? Me either! While Christmas is just around the corner, I'm still feasting on tons of great wrapping and decorating ideas. I just found this Real Simple paper punch garland and riffed on it a bit to make it my own. This extremely easy, but high impact paper punch garland took me just 10 minutes of punching, stringing gluing and marking to make.

As the Real Simple tutorial mentions, this is a great craft for kids. I can see using this paper punch garland craft in the classroom, Christmas tree, gift wrapping, bedroom decorating in lots of different colors and for lots of occasions. So grab the kids and light up the season with this fun craft that will delight merrymakers of every age.

Here's what  you'll need for your own paper punch garland

  • Oval paper punch. I used my 1 1/2" Punch Bunch paper punch that I've been using for 10 years without fail. Love it!
  • Red, green and white construction paper or scraps
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Twine or ribbon to string. I used jute twine that I use daily, but wished I had either red/white baker's twine on hand or green ribbon to mimic the light strand wire. This would also be cute using a green pipe cleaner.
  • Glue/glue stick

How to Make a Merry Christmas Paper Punch Garland for Gift Wrapping

Start by punching 4 red and 3 white paper ovals

Now cut 7 small green tabs approx 1/2" x 1" and fold in half crosswise

Letter your red and white paper ovals with your Merry Christmas message

Lay out your twine or ribbon and carefully affix glue onto one green tab placing your first red or white oval onto the tab, closing and positioning your oval as you like it.

Be sure to keep your oval as low as you can on your green tab to simulate a real tree light.

Do this again 6 times.

Et voila! You're done. Enjoy the lighting up the face of whoever discovers their gift wrapped in lights on Christmas day!

paper punch garland   paper punch garland gift topper


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