Here's a fun low-cost holiday craft to keep kids busy over school break when they make pipe cleaner ornaments using basic craft pipe cleaners, scrap felt and glue. These little pipe cleaner ornaments are an easy and sweet little gift when given as an ornament or gift topper.

Here's how to make your own pipe cleaner ornaments:

Gather supplies including pipe cleaners, felt in assorted colors, scissors, craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks. Use our examples below for design ideas or create your own using the colors and supplies on hand. Go to it and create your own magic bending, cutting, gluing and enjoying! Try these craft ideas:
  • Cut out a photo and glue to the back for a personalized ornament
  • String a dozen pipe cleaner ornaments together for a great looking holiday garland
  • Use these pipe cleaner wreaths for every holiday in seasonal colors - birthdays, springtime and Easter, Thanksgiving
  • Try pipe cleaner ornament wreaths as place card holders for family meals and dinner company. Just add an extra loop or two of pipe cleaner to the top of the wreath to hold a hand lettered place card.
The possibilitiesĀ are endless! What did you use your pipe cleaner ornaments for this season? Tell us in comments below or on Instgram, FB or Twitter. Thanks! pipe cleaner ornaments


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