Christmas is over, but the food hasn't stopped coming. Give leftovers a fighting chance when you wrap them up in colorful and inviting DIY Elastic Bowl Covers. These double-sided DIY Elastic Bowl Covers will help keep leftovers tasty and limit the use of land-filling plastic wrap. These are also great for pot luck and party presentation when you head to the neighbor's for fun.

Here's what you need to make DIY Elastic Bowl Covers

  • Laminated cotton fabric - 1/2 to 1 yard
  • Double fold cotton binding - 1/2" or larger to accommodate 1/4" wide elastic - Here's an easy tutorial on making your own double fold binding.
  • 1/4" wide elastic - approx 1-1.5 yards
  • Tailors chalk or pen for tracing around the bowl onto fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Bowls for pattern

Here's what you'll do to make your own Elastic Bowl Covers

Start by folding your fabric in half (plastic sides together) so you have a double-sided bowl cover. Now lay out your bowls face down on your fabric and trace around with a 2" seam allowance or lip of fabric where you'll attach your cotton binding. Attache your cotton binding leaving a 2" open tail at the end so you can thread your elastic through and meet it at the other opening. Thread the elastic through using a small safety pin. Gather and tighten the elastic so it's somewhat 'puckered' and fits over the top of your bowl snugly. Now pin the ends of the elastic together and sew closed. Finish by folding the end of the binding in and sew closed. That's all! You're done. Enjoy your creation and let others do the same. What kind of fun fabric did you find to make your elastic bowl covers? Share it below or on our Facebook page. Thanks!elastic bowl covers tutorial elastic bowl covers tutorial


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