Holiday Greenery Bobeches (candle rings)

Holiday Greenery Bobeches (candle rings)

PLEASE never leave burning candles unattended. If Christmas feels like it's bearing down on you and your decorating isn't what you'd hoped, here's a VERY fast and easy way to create instant holiday ambiance that will last a few days without maintenance. Try these quick and great smelling holiday greenery bobeches that I created from found greenery at the park.

A few lengths of floral wire and my pruners made quick work to create small and large bobeches or candle rings to both catch falling wax and add natural drama to any centerpiece.  

Here's what you need to create your own holiday greenery bobeches

  • Loose greenery. If you need to, clip boughs from the back and base of your Christmas tree
  • Green pipe cleaners or floral wire or even wire from the garage tool bench. Heck, staples would work too!
  • Clippers or sturdy scissors
  • Low candlesticks for your bobeches

Here's how to make holiday greenery bobeches

Measure the circumference of your candlestick to estimate how long your greenery rope will need to be.

Then start by wrapping a stem of greenery a couple of times with floral wire to secure a base, now wrap and twist in new small pieces of greenery so you're making a small garland.

When you have enough greenery twisted in gently wrap around the base of your candlestick.

Et voila! You're done.

Never leave a candle burning while unattended, but beyond the usual fire safety warning, enjoy!

holiday greenery bobeches


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