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If baby's diaper changing area is encroaching on the smell of the nursery, it might be time for an all natural diaper pail spray solution. With just two little (and fun!) ingredients, you'll have the nursery smelling like sweet baby smell in no time.

To make your own natural diaper pail spray simply combine 2 ounces of plain or flavored vodka and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil in an atomizer or empty perfume bottle.

You can adjust the amounts of vodka and essential oil depending on the size of you atomizer, but the ratio above is a good one and carries enough scent that won't overpower the room or bother anyone with a sensitive nose.

Spray this once per day and when cleaning your diaper pail as necessary. Use this natural diaper pail spray in the bathroom too!  

diy natural room spray diy natural room spray

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