Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights

Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights

How many times have you struggled to keep a cookbook open only to dirty is up with some oil or flour caked hands? I've done this plenty and have always meant to whip up some book weights to help me solve this common problem. Happily, my time has come for Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights.

I thought this would be a fun play on words for a handy kitchen essential. This pair of cookbook weights took me less than half an hour to make. Most of the time was spent dreaming it up followed by loading white rice into the 1" holes of the eggs and toast through my makeshift aluminum foil funnel.

I baked up this book weights project using only scrap fabric my sewing machine, though they could easily be hand stitched and a needle and thread to finish.

Here's what you need to make your own Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights

  • Scrap fabric: brown for bread, white knit for egg white and yellow felt or woven or knit yellow fabric
  • Fabric pen or tailors chalk
  • Yellow thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Rice or white beans (white so they don't show through the egg white fabric). I used about 2 1/2" cups total. Depending on the size of your book weights you'll need more or less, probably less as my toast is pretty hefty!
  • Tin foil or paper to make a funnel to insert rice into book weights

Make Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights

Start by gathering your fabric and free hand drawing your shapes - square toast (2 layers), white egg whites (2 layers), yellow egg yolk (1 layer)

Cut out fabric and zig zag stitch your yolk to one layer of your egg white. I used about a 1/16" long by 1/16" wide zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to attach the yolk to the white.

Now pin right sides of white fabric layers together and sew leaving a 1" hole to turn right side out.

Sew the brown fabric together right sides together leaving a 1" hole to turn right side out.

If you would like to add dimension to your 'toast', tack stitch each corner about 1/4" long perpendicular to the seam so when it's turned right side out you will have a gusset type corner to add a bit of loft to your toast instead of creating a pancake, although this would be great too!

Turn toast and egg right side out and use whatever type of funnel you have to fill each with rice or beans to give it weight.

Now sew the holes closed using a finishing stitch. I like a modified blanket stitch and don't mind seeing the seam, but if you like a hidden stitch, Amy at Positively Splendid has a great photo tutorial on how to sew a ladder stitch, which is a great finishing stitch to have in your toolbox.

I've also include a good video on how to close a hole with the easy whip stitch. That's it! Now go enjoy the ease with which you can now read your recipes in full. Enjoy!

How to close a seam with a whip stitch video

diy cookbook weights

egg and toast beany bags

egg on toast cookbook weights


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