Even if green's not her thing, don't let little miss get pinched with St. Patrick's Day. Make a shamrock barrette to keep the leprechauns at bay. This easy barrette tutorial can be used for every season and occasion. Here's what you'll need to make your own shamrock barrette:
  • green felt
  • green or coordinating pom pom (I cut one from some trim in my scrap bin)
  • barrette base or an old barrette
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors

How to make a Shamrock Barrette

Start by firing up your glue gun and your craft station. Now use my pattern below to cut out your shamrock circle shapes. You'll need 4 circles approximately 2" in diameter. Create your shamrock petals by adding a dot of glue to the center of one layer of felt, now fold the circle in half and hold. Dab another dot of glue in the center on the fold, now fold in half. You should have a little triangle 'petal'. Do this three more times. Now cut a quarter sized circle of felt to use as your base, make a small slice through one side of your base to slide the top of your barrette through, when ready. Glue your four shamrock petals onto the circle base. Glue your pom pom to the top. Slide in and glue your barrette into the base circle. C'est tout! You're ready to enjoy this sweet little shamrock barrette. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Do you have tricks to keep the leprechauns away? Share it below or tag #satsumasmiles with your creations. diy shamrock hair clip tutorial diy shamrock hair clip    


st. patricks day shamrock barrette

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