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Need a fun and easy DIY Easter treat for the Easter basket? Make Easter egg bath bombs in 10 minutes with 3 ingredients.

Here's what you need to make Easter Egg Bath Bombs

  • Kitchen scale (I used my 10 pound postal scale)
  • Large glass mixing bowl
  • Spray bottle filled with clean water
  • Rubber gloves. You don't want the citric acid on your skin.
  • Eye protection + mask for 100% safety
  • Plastic 2-part Easter egg molds
  • 10 oz baking soda
  • 5 oz citric acid
  • 1/3 to 1/2 oz essential oil - I'm using vanilla and orange for fresh springtime and relaxing scents
  • 1/2 oz oil - vegetable, olive, or other to emulsify with the oil and spread through the egg
  • food coloring

How to Make Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Start by setting up your creation station then mix the 2 dry ingredients in your glass bowl. how to make your own bath bomb Slowly add the essential oil and other oil to the dry mixture, be sure to do this slowly as the oil can make the dry ingredients fizz, and combine. Now if you're making different color bath bombs, separate the mixtures into a few glass bowls and add your various colors, again slowly. make your own bath bomb Now you will bring out your spray bottle and add a little water to create sandy+paste like dough. Add a little more water at a time and combine quickly by hand and get them into your Easter egg molds. how to make bath bombs After about 20 seconds remove the top of your egg mold, leaving the bottom of the mold on and let rest and dry for about 20 minutes. When set sufficiently, take the bath bomb from the bottom of the egg mold and let dry for a few hours. Once completely dry, package as you like for a fun Easter brunch party gift. Enjoy! diy bath bombs


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