DIY Kids Shoe Bows

Are your kiddo's Sunday + Funday shoes getting a little ratty and tired looking? Mine are and as we head into spring, I wanted to see how to spruce up perfectly well sized shoes that could use a little TLC.

I decided on DIY Kids Show Bows to give new life to some flats and Mary Jane shoes favored by little miss. To make your own kids shoe bows, gather a few materials and plug in the hot glue gun. Ask your kids to help you coordinate the ribbon and work on their dexterity when they help tie the bows.

How to make your own Kids Shoe Bows

First tie your bow and glue the front to the back so it's secure when traipsing through the tulips or other such fun.

Now, unbend a small plastic coated paperclip and slide the small end through the back of your bow and glue.

When your glue is dry, fold the large end of the paperclip back down and secure to the toe or heel of your shoes.

Enjoy breathing new life into your otherwise perfectly good shoes!

Did you add some spring bling to your kids' shoes? Show us when you tag #satsumasmiles on kids shoe bows

diy kids shoe bows


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