Grandma's Tips to Cure Diaper Rash

Grandma's Tips to Cure Diaper Rash

Is baby battling persistent diaper rash? Try some of Grandma's tips to cure diaper rash that are time tested and easy on baby and the environment.

Grandma weighed in on these tips to cure diaper rash and while some are old school others are modern and they're all easy and affordable to help baby feel better when battling a burning bum.

natural ways to cure diaper rash

Soft touch

Instead of conventional store bought diaper wipes, use extra soft flannel washcloths. A lightweight flannel cloth makes a great wipe and can be washed in hot water after use. Tote reusable baby wipes in a zippered waterproof bag. Satsuma Designs' wet + dry bag features 2 zippered pouches - one side for clean, the other side for dirty.

Natural diapering

If persistent diaper rash is a problem opt for unbleached diapers - disposable or cloth - that won't irritate baby's skin with chemicals.

Keep it dry

Let baby's tushie dry thoroughly after diaper changes. Let her wiggle around in the all-together before you put a fresh diaper back on.

Baby booty barrier

Here's a great all natural do it yourself diaper rash cream recipe. When able, 

Soak and soothe 

Try a bath with colloidal oatmeal that's a natural solution to soothe and dry baby's diaper area. Clean up: Launder baby's diapers, wipes, clothing and bedding with fragrance-free detergent. Avoid using dryer sheets and make your own diaper pail spray that's natural and will keep the diapering station smelling clean.


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