The Minimalist Mom's Diaper Bag Checklist

The Minimalist Mom's Diaper Bag Checklist

I really feel like it's enough to carry around sweet baby so the notion of the ultimate diaper bag grates as a little heavy. I've never thought of myself as a minimalist. Yes, I like clean lines and appreciate the aesthetic of a spare looking space or room, but in the case of the ubiquitous diaper bag, minimalism reigns.

Here's one minimalist mom's diaper bag checklist to ensure that you're taken care of out in the world, but that you don't come home with an aching back after conquering your adventures with baby!

My recommendations are designed to carry you comfortably through a few hour escapade that has baby playing, eating and snoozing too.



  • Diaper(s) and diaper covers if using
  • Wipes
  • Bum cream
  • Changing pad
  • Wet+Dry bag
  • Hand sanitizer for care giver
  • Spare onesie/bodysuit. I only say one piece here because even in a major diaper or food disaster, this will be enough to get baby home comfortably. You can also wrap them in the blanket and use the binder clip (below) and burp cloth to make arms, a skirt or a cape if needed. Yes, I have done this!


  • Baby blanket that can double as a nursing cover. Add a binder clip to attach to your shirt and drape the blanket for nursing privacy. 


  • Pacifier and/or teething ring
  • Toy(s). Go easy here. This is where we can all go a little overboard. The only thing baby really needs for entertainment is your sweet face. But to plan ahead, clip something fun, graphic and rattly to the baby's car seat and/or stroller so you always have something on hand. For us it was my son's blue penquin. That think travled with us for three years. Penguin really saw the world!


  • One carabiner to hook your bag or other supplies onto your stroller, a chair, table, etc.

That'll do 'er! Let me know what you think of this pared down version of the ultimate diaper bag checklist. My guess is the pioneer babies did fine!

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