Has Prom season hit your neighborhood? Dance season is upon us and the reason I know in spite of having little ones under foot is that I saw a neighbor boy stealthily snip a rose bud from our garden last weekend. I laughed as I saw him dash down the street, but was a little peeved as he could have just asked politely. Not only would I have given him all the rose buds he wanted for his darling date, but I would have made him a boutonniere and corsage to boot! Here's my DIY boutonniere and corsage tutorial to keep dance season a delight.

I've been hand tying bouquets for years and a boutonniere is really no different. A boutonniere has just a few natural elements, but the idea is the same as hand tying a nosegay or other little bouquet.

Here's what you need for your DIY Boutonniere

  • Flowers - rose buds or whatever you have on hand that's blooming in your yard or your neighbor's yard, but be sure to ask before you snip!
  • Greenery - pull a few leaves, grasses or light foliage from your yard
  • Clippers
  • 4" of floral wire or lightweight gauge wire from the tool bench in the garage
  • Floral tape. You could use Washi tape, but you'd have to glue it as you go
  • Stick pin(s) with ball ends (seen in our photo below)

Here's how to make your DIY Boutonniere

Start by clipping your flowers and greenery to size.

Then wrap your floral wire around the base of your stems working your way up toward the blooms.

When wrapped in wire, begin to cover the stems in floral tape using one of your stick pins to secure the end when you reach the top.

That's it! Now you've made your dance-ready boutonniere to enjoy.

I rounded up a few of my favorite DIY corsage tutorials that you'll find below. There are so many fun elements to play with for the girls. Whether you opt for a ribbon corsage or an elastic banded corsage you can't go wrong! 

Here's how to make a corsage like a pro from Lovely Crafty Home

Gorgeous DIY corsage from Martha Stewart's team


And if you're really feeling crafty and want a corsage that will last for the scrapbook, here's How to make a paper corsage from Lia Griffith.

Ranunculus Wrist Corsage

Are you planning on making some boutonnieres or corsages for a coming event? Share them with us below and we'll post for you.

And if you're interested in fabric or paper boutonnieres and corsages, here are a couple of my tutorials to enjoy.

Make Fabric Flowers in 30 Seconds  How to Make Large Tissue Paper Flowers

how to make fabric flower pin with fall wreath pin  diy tissue paper peony

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