DIY Elastic and Leather Headband

As if we need more hair accessories with all the crafting we do around here, but I couldn't resist combining two of my favorite materials into some fun new, sparkly hair flair. My DIY elastic and leather headband calls for only 2 materials and one tool. Little Miss and I had fun whipping up the two elastic and leather headbands we show here and made lots more with even more plans. Now we just have to rein in the craft spending!

Here's what you need to make  your DIY Elastic and Leather Headbands

  • Elastic in fun colors and textures. We used sparkly silver and matte black.
  • Scrap leather. I had some bits and pieces in my sewing stash, but if you need to, scour your local thrift store for old handbags in great prints and textures or find a leather retailer near you. In Seattle we have an incredible resource called MacPherson Leather Company. As this treasure trove they have bins where you can purchase scrap leather by weight so you can try lots of different types without spending much money. Try leather booties, belts, small pouches with your remnant leather. And try leather punching too - so fun!
  • Scissors. Let the kids work on cutting, but please supervise if they're using shears sharp enough to cut through thin to medium thickness leather.


Here's how you make your DIY Elastic and Leather Headbands

Start by deciding on what pattern you'd like for your leather object. We tried a bow and heart as they're easy to cut and cute to wear.

Now cut your leather. If you'd like, ensure symmetry by folding your leather in half and cutting one side of your shape.

Cut two little slices to thread your elastic making sure not to cut all the way through to the other side.

Thread your elastic through your leather and tie to wear.

Et voila! You're ready for fun!

Try these fun shapes that we have on our wish list below. We tried to come up with ideas where there was some symmetry, a fun math exercise too!

  • Kitty cat where the elastic is either above the eyes or shown as a mouth
  • Puppy dog similar to cat above
  • Paw
  • Butterfly in a bright color leather
  • Any kind of fruit
  • Tulip

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