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10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer

10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer

There are as many hot weather hacks as their are days in the summer, but with a newborn baby at home, it's important to employ ones that are both easy and work. Here are 10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer. Try our list of affordable, practical and comfortable methods to help baby beat the heat come summer's hot weather.

10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer

  • Don baby in lightweight and light color clothing for optimal comfort.
  • Wrap baby in a cotton or bamboo muslin sleep sack for naptime and bedtime.
  • Beat the heat with a lightweight and breathable baby hat with SPF fabric and at least a 2" brim. Add a chinstrap if necessary to keep baby's hat in place.

10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer in the Nursery

  • Keep shades drawn during the day or from 11a through the afternoon to keep baby's room cool. 
  • Create your own air conditioning unit in baby's room with a box fan and a jelly roll tray of ice. Let this run for an hour before baby's nap.

10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer in the Home

  • If central air conditioning is still on your home wish list, open windows and doors for cross ventilation.
  • Set up a play area in the basement for cool fun.

10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool this Summer while Traveling

  • Tote an insulated bag packed with frozen teething rings and damp wash cloths to wipe down baby's face, hands, neck and tootsies for a refreshing pick-me-up during travel time.
  • If road tripping, try to schedule your travel early morning for easy traffic and cooler temps.

10 ways to keep baby cool this summer

Here are some more ideas to keep baby happy and healthy all year round. Check out our favorites on Pinterest.


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